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Monday, 13 June 2011

Books Vs TV Shows Version.

Books Vs TV Shows Version.
Over the past few years more books have been turned into tv shows. It has populated that much, that some tv shows make the storylines better then in the actual books and even make storylines that were not in the book.
Here are a few books that have been made into tv shows:
The vampire diaries -
Gossip Girl
Pretty Little Liars
The Book: Vs The Tv Show
I've never read Gossip Girl, but I adore the programme. Which is the total opposite of which the book is like, with the characters apperance being different and personality. For example Nate smokes pot in the book and is known as the type to get high all the time, while in the programme he is known as the golden boy the good one.
My mom and cousin have both read The Vampire Diaries, and have both said the programme is better then book because the main girls character Elena is supposed to be a total bitch in the book while in the programme she is more nice. I don't know about that I havent read the books but I have read the programme which I must say Damon is handsome way more handsome they his portrayed in the books as my mother quoted again.
Whats your opinons? Do some Tv shows ruin the books or make them even better?


  1. I LOVE the Vampire Diaries show, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. I read the first book of Pretty Little Liars but preferred the show. I will continue and see. I haven't read the other two.

  2. I love Gossip Girl! It's so much better than the books!!
    And even PLL!I tried reading the first book but it was awfully kiddish!!
    Whereas I am in love with the TV Show!
    For TVD I love both the books and the Tv Show!
    I love Caroline!!
    P.S- Come vist my blog!!