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Monday, 13 February 2012

Character Pictures For The Summer I Turned Pretty

Character Pictures For The Summer I Turned Pretty

How I imagined the characters to look in this book!

Belly: Belly is the youngest of The Summer I Turned Pretty bunch. Only being 15 in the first story. She tends to be the one that gets teased and picked on for being the only young girl in the group. With the boys leaving her out all the time. She comes across as sweet and naive and tell-tale grassing on the boys all the time because they push her out. Her love is for Conrad Fischer who she has been in love with since he stuck up for her when Steven and Jeremiah tried to make her cry.

Lucy Hale.

Conrad: He's the oldest of the teenagers being 18 and son of Susannah. Hes silent and mysterous most of the time and always speaks his opinon and notices everything about everyone. He's very protective of Belly and the boys of the bunch tend to look up to him all the time. He controls the group and everyone listens to what he has go to say. Most of the time in the first summer series he ignores everyone and plays on his guitar.
Matt Lanter.

Jeremiah: He's sweet and bubbly and full of fun. Hes the youngest out of the boys and the most up for doing anything. Jeremiah has a passion for football and a passion for partying he wants to be the typical popular kid that everyone loves and it seems to work because with his charm everyone loves him. He is Bellys bestfriend who they both share everything with each other. Who also happens to like her too.

Sterling Knight.

Steven: He is the second oldest of the bunch. The prankster and second in command of Conrad who he idolizes. He is also Bellys older brother who he constantly teases all the time and treats like a little girl.

Taylor: She is the bestfriend of Belly. And is in the book regularly. She happens to like both Conrad and Jeremiah but because she gets no attention from Conrad she ends up kissing Jeremiah instead but also happens to like Bellys brother. She is the complete opposite of Belly. Bossy, self-centered and wears nothing but girly things. Even though she loves attention Taylor is a true friend for Belly through out all the books and helps her out when needed.

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