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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Random Acts Of Kindness: June Wrap Up!

At the end of every RAK month, if you have recieved or given a book you share it on your post for everyone to see. Random Act Of Kindness is a great chance to be randomly kind and send books to bloggers and if your lucky, be given books yourself. Its hosted by @BookSoulMates. To sign up click here.

This month I sent out two books.
I sent out Holes to Claire @WHNBSTIHWSOFT -

And I sent out Amy & Rogers Epic Detour to @Misty from Bookaholic Book Club -

I hope the girls enjoy their books very much. I;ve read both this books before and I personally think there amazing.

I recieved this week Saving June: from Lauren @Northern Plunder. -
Thankyou ever so much. I look forward to this one.

I also recieved Paper Towns from Claire - @WHNBSTIHWSOFT -
Thankyou I cant wait to read this one aswell, looks awesome.

Thankyou to both girls for being super lovely and for getting books that looks amazing!
What did you recieve or send this RAK month?

1 comment:

  1. this month i sent two handmade gifts and i received nothing
    I will send several in July already 4 so far and i hope you will participate again in august because i put you on my list for august if you are interested