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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Book Wishlist (1)

So once a month I've decided to write a post with my wishlist because I like to keep track on what I want plus you guys could take a look and get ideas on what books you love aswell and if your in the rak communitiy (I have a post on it) you could even send me a book :D Not that you have to aha. Will put a cross next to my list once Ive brought it or got it.
Heres my list:

1. Its not summer without you. By Jenny Han
2. Falling for Hamlet. By Michelle Ray
3. Ripple. By Mandy Hubbard.
4. Going to far. By Jennifer Echols.
5. Divergent. By Veronica Roth.
6. Tigers Curse. By Collen Houck.
7. Shutout. By Kody Keplinger.
8. Perfect Chemistry. By Simone Elkoles.
9. Epic Fail. By Claire LaZebnik.
10. The Girl in the steel corset. By Kady Cross.

Put your wishlists down below if you want with your wishlists. I love checking peoples out.


  1. Haha! Glad to see I'm not the only one who still have Divergent on my wishlist. It feels like everyone else have read it by now. I love your taste in books by the way!

  2. Divergent and Perfect Chemistry are so good!
    I actually just finished Tiger's Curse, the review is on my page.
    I didn't really like it..but if it's your thing go for it!

    I was thinking of doing this earlier this week but I got busy :b But great post!

  3. you have to read divergent! Seriously! its brilliant!! I hope you get these soon!!