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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RAK: August 2011 Wrap Up!

RAK: August 2011 Wrap Up! So as you know I am part of the rak community which I have done a video and post about nearly every month so check it out if you dont know what rak is. It is hosted by Booksoulmates, and its a wonderful place where people do an random act of kindness and they give and recieve books to each other, its such a wonderful place. And as you know it was my birthday last month so I got an incredibal amount of books of people which Im so grateful for that they deserve a thankyou!! I recieved - ----------------------------

Random Act OF Kindness:

Michelle Smith - Matched -

Shannon Lovell - The Summer I turned pretty

Helena Norlin -The summer I turned pretty x (

Nicole Sobon - The Hunger Games x ("".com

Ambur Hostyn - The Duff x(

Harpreet Singh - Jekyl and Hyde x (

Cassie Preece -The Luxe x (

Karis - Bumped (

Alice Priday - The Iron Witch

You guys are the best seriously, couldnt wish for better birthday presents. I also sent Remembrance to : Rensrambles (

Cant wait to do rak again this month, because Ill be sending alot more books hopefully :D. What did you get this rak month.


  1. YAy for birthday R.A.K!!!!!!
    You got some great books there. :D

  2. WOW! You got A LOT of awesome books this month! Happy freaking birthday! :D

  3. WOW you got loads, and some really good ones too. congrats and Happy Birthday.

    It was my birthday in August too, plus I've participated in RAK for 3 months but I've never received anything. OH well, don't they say 'it's better to give than to receive'

    Hope you had a great birthday